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A "cozy" wedding on the water

We have met 4 months prior to their wedding day and it was a great match. Planning with M&A was so much fun and we faced some challenges and found even better creative solutions together. This wedding was simply, GREAT! The guests have been so lovely, and they were doing everything in their power to let the couple having so much fun. Speeches, dances and games were contributed and everybody enjoyed it. A party like there is no tomorrow, people being so happy and a full dancefloor, is what you need on your wedding day. Two Openingsdances later, the couple left the Party by boat with even some family members jumping in the water to see them off. I enjoyed this wedding unconditionally and it was a blast for me! Thank you for having me!



Wedding Coordinator, Styling & Flowers

Rustic, Romantic, On the Water, Restaurant


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